lunes, 17 de septiembre de 2012


 this is the lockscreen you can use any time i make the buton lock specialy for this we dont have a buton fisic of lock you can shutdown or you can go to google search or unlock, maps or mail.
 this is the home screen you can go to home but you close all app openen firefox or media player docs can saved but close all apps this is just a warning if you have apps open.
 apps screen looks amazing and  you can open you sites or open your programs from here this open with the icon apps on home screen also you can acses to widgets from here this screen close from buton back or close to open any app, thi is only one page you can add apps and more pages if you want.
 widgets look so empty but you can add any widget from here and close from buton back or close to open any widget the widget open on your home screen and you can close any widget from your home page from here just click and open or close.
 this is my notification bar and is very use full this show my settings and volume weather wifi batery calendar clock show you the time in useand a mini player from here
 this is a multitask on weather show you more apps from google and search specific like photo search or search google
 variant of lockscreen you can change the wall if you want jus change the image.
this the widget marker this show your pages favorites and you can go to this and close the widget you can add you pages  mo visits for you

 This is the player of music more when you only hear your music and nothing more this show cover art and if you go to my plalist show one image wall for the disc selected the volume on the left you only nee pass you mouse more soun or less .

you dont need any more all is in your head

sorry for my bad inglish i make this in spanish too.

this skin like 60mb or i can reduce i want split this from omnimo and let this alone only android style like 30mb

I hope finish this work and i hope you like if you like and if i recibed more sugest i can upload if you want please coment and enjoy.

......[o.    O  ].......

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